ACC - Biodiversity Loss

October 15, 2020
Product Design + Dataviz
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This project is about embracing learning through an everyday object, about sharing and being aware of the full climate picture. Because information and knowledge can be carried everywhere, even through a day to day garment. Because knowledge needs to come down to earth, address all human beings, and not remain in the scientific, intellectual, or political context.

2020 has been the year of uncertainty and fear. Nevertheless, we need to recognize that we’ve come to acknowledge so much about ourselves, our weaknesses, and the impact of social, political, and economic decisions. Information keeps been thrown back at us at such a fast pace, that the constant changes, news, and events can be overwhelming. We already know that the environment is suffering from dramatic changes and that the cause is the system we are immersed in. Yet, little we know about the people who are fighting in the front-line, the actions we can take to fight along with them or the exact facts and scenarios expected.

This project (composed by a T-shirt and a website) aims to bring you closer to the climate crisis and incite you to read, learn and identify things you can change to help the environment.

01 | T-shirt

The front side contains the QR code that will open the website (explained in the next point).

On the back side, you’ll find and learn through illustrations, text and graphs a few facts on biodiversity loss: endangered animal and plant species and how many countries protect a share of their land for biodiversity purposes (scientific reserves with limited public access, national parks, natural monuments, nature reserves or wildlife sanctuaries, protected landscapes, and areas managed mainly for sustainable use).

50% of the money raised was donated to the WWF. Find more about it, here.

02 | Website

Go to

The website will be opened after reading the QR code on the T-shirt. The page displays short paragraphs with information (facts, pieces of advice, and quotes from scientists, journalists, and climate activists), gives you access to its sources for you to learn more about them and understand in detail what changes need to be done to address the crisis correctly.

03 | Gallery