March 1, 2022
Product Design + Fabrication Tools
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The story behind this ashtray is rather peculiar. I spent a day with my smoker friends, the kind who enjoy not only regular tobacco but also weed. The smell… it’s quite something, you know? Tobacco alone lingers on your clothes, but the scent of weed? That’s a whole other level. And if you’re not used to it, you might even feel your lungs go kaput. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Plus, to be honest, there weren’t any friends involved in this particular story. It was an ex, hahahaha.

So, this guy broke his old ashtray and as I love creating stuff, I decided to give him a gift - An ashtray that can work for him and for me!

What’s cool about this design is that it’s not just an ordinary ashtray with a cap. The cap has this irregular shape, perfect for you to place your cigarettes on top, either before or after you smoke! And yeah… this guy never received the gift (shit happens), but many of my friends have, and they’re quite happy with it.

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