JoinMe app

October 1, 2020
Digital Product Design
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A quick exercise that asks.. What if the pandemic never ends? Would we need to redefine how we interact?

Up until the moment when I designed this mockup. The pandemic helped us connect through applications like Skype or Zoom. But what if we want to share sometime without talking? Is there another way? JoinMe intends to fill that desire, those communication gaps with the use of the applications in our mobile phones. It reminds people what they can share, could be listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game.

Let’s imagine a user case. Juan is at home. It’s late and he just finished cooking his dinner. He wants to watch a movie, so he opens Netflix on his phone and starts scrolling through the catalogue. He doesn’t know what to choose, so he decides to filter by genres. He likes action and science fiction movies. He chooses “Origin” directed by Christopher Nolan. He’d like to share the movie with some friends, so he clicks JoinMe and the app suggests him to share it with Karina, Pablo and Andrea (who also like Nolan). The app sends a notification to his friends and Karina and Pablo decide to accept it. The three of them are now sitting on their couch watching it together 🙃.

View example video, here.