October 15, 2023
Product Design + Fabrication Tools
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I talk to my grandmothers every two weeks, and lately, the conversation is about their health. They tell me more or less frequently about the pills they need to take – some in the morning, others at night – each for a different reason. They’re doing well; it’s just that they’re getting older.

To make things easier for them and add a bit of fun, I designed a stackable pill box with two compartments. Creating it was quite challenging. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could make it simpler. Remember those stackable colored crayons from our childhood? I used to love them! So why not incorporate that concept into the pillbox?

Not long ago, I visited my grandmothers and made them the gift. One of them uses it daily, finding it both useful and fun (let’s take her word for it) and the other… no idea. Hopefully, one day she’ll share her thoughts. Nevertheless, ❣️.

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