Speculative Narratives

April 8, 2020
Storytelling + Speculative Design
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Proposals to address current scenarios based on a few concepts or sometimes called Weak Signals, which focus on current trends and guide our way of living in different directions, as well as make us doubt on where humanity is heading, its effects in our societies, economics, cultural aspects, and the environment.

Many of the following exercises are insights followed by doubts that intend to analyze and disrupt the present and expected scenarios.

DESIGN FOR THE ANTHROPOCENE - Climate conscience. How exactly do we develop a climate-conscious as citizens?

Looking at our present, it is not easy to understand how much damage we’ve done to our planet. Years and years of rapid technological changes have affected our lifestyle to the point we don’t know or imagine a future without them. The upcoming future is not promising. Drastic changes need to be done to keep our climate from crazily getting out of control. Alessio Boggero, Laura Freixas, and I came up with an organization that can deal with Climate Conscience. We imagined “No Footprint,” an institution that can control and help us gain consciousness of our actions.

View video, here.

LIFE. IN THE TIMES OF SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM - Dismantling filter bubbles. How exactly do we do that? Companies already have all our information. Probably way more of what we know about ourselves. So with this scenario... Will we be able to hack them?

This time, Juanita Pardo, Hala Amer, Daphne Gerodimou, Anisa Isaeva and I imagined “Pop the bubble” an interface/platform that can hack the current bubbles and let you choose what you want to see on social media, news, amazon, etc… All of these to help us enter and see the world with a pair of new eyes and therefore understand the bigger picture.

View video, here.