Visualizing Sound

November 21, 2019
Fabrication Tools + Arduino
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Can you describe the shape of sound?

A useless machine for visualizing music. Why? Because nowadays it seems like everything is purely visual and also because music makes us feel good. In collaboration with Juanita Pardo, Laura Freixas and Pablo Zuloaga.

Sound waves make air molecules travel toward and away from the source in high and low pressure. The easiest way to visualize these pressure areas is by picturing waves. Low notes have higher amplitudes and wavelengths and high notes the opposite, smaller amplitudes and wavelengths. It is the superposition of both that make our brain perceive sound. So to picture it and make it real, we decided that small fans were going to be turned on every time the Arduino recognized a sound. Each, with a different set of time to make the fabric move up and down while following the music.

View video, here.